Side Note: Nalingi Lingala…and Other Random Things

It’s coming!! Look out for Episode 10 of CAVACHA EXPRESS! in January 2016, topic TBA.

In the meantime, a confession: I’ve been suffering from the blues. Being a language nerd (Lingala, anybody?) and a lover of other random things not shared by many makes for a lonely existence in this world, bandeko.

So I invite you out there, whoever you are, to learn some Lingala with me. If you already speak Lingala, I invite you to see how words you might take for granted have saved my spirit over the years.

Many of my songs from the Congo are about the blues (how apropos). It was easy for me to learn Lingala because so many of the same words are used to describe heartache and sadness.

I’ll start you off slow, with the bolero below by Negro Succès, “Bholen Mwana ya Mama Hélène.” Listen out for these words:

Linga/lingi=tenses of the verb Kolinga, “to love”

More to come!



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